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Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership for YOUTH

Project No. 2019-2-DK01-KA205-060316

Project duration: 1. 9. 2019 - 31. 8. 2021

project objectives

Intrapreneurship is initially understood as the practice of fostering entrepreneurial behaviors within an established business organization. It emerges from the development and support of initiatives to do new things or do existing things differently. Furthermore, a young person possessing intrapreneurial skills can also be of value for the society he acts within by engaging in the activities of non-profit organizations of all kinds, public services and social entrepreneurship initiatives. CHESS - Creative Intrapreneurship Empowerment Skills aims at providing an integrated support, tailored to the needs and specificities of young people in the age group 20-29 from the creative industries, who either already possess working experience (currently employed or not), or have never been employed (job-seekers and discouraged individuals), through development and validation of innovative integrated training tools and material in order to: increase their motivation and self-awareness; create incentives for acquiring new intrapreneurship-related skills; promote their efficient and sustainable integration into employment and society.

Specific objectives

  1. In-depth mapping of the key intrapreneurship-related competence gaps and specific training needs of young people in the age 20-29 in the partner countries (skill-set and competence framework: mapping; semi-structured interviews; self-assessments; coding and comparative analysis).
  2. Elaboration of Intrapreneurship Academy: an innovative and non-formal training methodology, tools and material, combining the processes of intrapreneurial training and peer support in a single, integrated approach (usercentered design, rapid prototyping of learning environment, Pelz‘s principles of engagement, presence, and interaction).
  3. Address the needs of young adults by offering training to youth peer support providers and delivering pilot intrapreneurship workshops, focus groups, and living lab methodologies.
  4. Transfer the project effects to other countries through the set-up of an e-Learning Platform and establishment of an intrapreneurship youth peer support network (stakeholders mapping & engagement, sustainability strategy).