5-Lean startup approach


The 5th module covers the following topics:

  • introduction to the lean startup approach,

  • entrepreneurs are everywhere & entrepreneurship is management,

  • validated learning is achieved by following the Build-Measure-Learn Cycle,

  • innovation accounting and ways to implement the Lean Startup method.

Introduction to the Lean Startup Approach

Sub-module 5.3.pdf

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere & Entrepreneurship is management

Sub-module 5.2.pdf

Validated Learning

Sub-module 5.1.pdf

Innovation Accounting

Sub-module 5.4.pdf

The Lean Game

Module 5_The Lean Game_Gamesheet.pdf
Module 5_The Lean Game_Pointsheet.pdf
Module 5_The Lean Game_INFOcards.pdf
Module 5_The Lean Game_Worksheet.pdf