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Online Intrapreneurship Academy info

What: The Intrapreneurship Academy will provide you with the “Know How” necessary for the creation and development of your business idea within your existing organization, providing you with the tools and processes you will need. 

Course type: 6 mini self-paced self-study on-line courses with tutor support (assignments, reviews and feedback).


Duration: You have 30 days to finish all 6 mini-courses.

Effort: Approx. 1 hr/day, but it can be more or less. It depends on your background and motivation.

Type of learning materials: Texts, presentations, videos, short tests, puzzles, challenges (assignments) and social media activities.

Certificate of completion: You will receive an auto-generated certificate for each course (6) after you complete all learning elements.

Completion criteria: you can pass each course by completing all learning elements (texts, videos, quizzes...). Assignments are not mandatory to submit, but strongly recommended.

Sample screenshots:

The process:

The process:

2. Wait for the start date of your group

3. You'll receive instructions how to sign-up in e-learning platform

4. Signup, wait for activation (max 1 day),  learn & explore

5. Earn & download the certificate(s)

6. Update your LinkedIn profile (instructions)


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