1st newsletter

1st project newsletter (february 2020)

CHESS project – Creative Intrapreneurship Empowerment Skills

Project duration: 01/09/2019 – 31/08/2021

Almost 6 months have passed from launching the CHESS project! This newsletter aims to provide a brief summary of the main activities that have been undertaken during the first months of this Erasmus+ project.

What is CHESS?

The CHESS project – Creative Intrapreneurship Empowerment Skills - aims at providing an integrated support, tailored to the needs and specificities of young people in the age group 20-29 from the creative industries, who either already possess working experience, or have never been employed.

Project partners will develop and validate innovative integrated training tools and materials to increase young people motivation and self-awareness, create incentives for acquiring new intrapreneurship-related skills and promote their efficient and sustainable integration into employment and society.

What is intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship doesn’t have a long history, but it definitely has a big future!

It consist in the practice of fostering entrepreneurial behaviors within an established organization.

Nurturing intrapreneurial skills has a serious potential for increasing chances for successful school-to-work transition and sustainable labor market integration. These skills also allow for strengthening contribution to their employers’ efficiency, competitiveness and, provided this is appropriately projected and appreciated, to improve their value to the firm and, consequently, their employment terms.

Furthermore, a young person possessing intrapreneurial skills can also be of value for the society he/she acts within, by engaging in the activities of non-profit organizations of all kinds, public services and social entrepreneurship initiatives.

For all these reasons, CHESS deems extremely important to enhance intrapreneurship skills in young people from the cultural and creative sector!

expected results

Situational Analysis and Mapping

This analysis will be performed by using in-depth investigation methods, surveys and interviews, both among representatives of the direct target group and employers in the creative and cultural industries (CCI). Six National and a Synthesis Report will be produced to present findings of the in-depth investigation.

CHESS Intrapreneurship Academy

Elaboration of an innovative and non-formal training methodology, development of tools and material to train intrapreneurs in the cultural and creative industries to reflect the results of the situational analysis that has been performed by CHESS partners in their countries.

Intrapreneurship training workshops

Face-to-face training courses for young people, both employed and not yet employed will be organized in each partner country. These workshop will provide the opportunity to share, validate and make final adjustments to the training content, tools and material developed by CHESS project.

e-Learning Platform

A Platform will be set as an interactive exchange web-space for intrapreneurship youth peer support providers (peer support network) and an open educational resource (OER) to present the results of the Gap Analysis, the final CHESS curriculum, training material and tools, and a step-by step description of pilot training workshops’ organisation and delivery, and stakeholders outreach and engagement.

What has been done up to now?

The project is currently at the sixth month. The Kick-off meeting was hosted in Brussels by Moverim on October 8, 2019 and allowed partners to set solid foundations for the future activities. After a brief introduction of all partners, experts from DISIE, AIC Forum, ADELE, SIMO, BICERO and MOVERIM clarified the work plan and the activities to be carried out for each work package. Issues related to CHESS management and communication activities were discussed.

The CHESS website was launched at the end of October. The webpage contains all the information regarding the project background, activities, events and results, as well as a dissemination section where the project leaflet and newsletter are stored. The website is linked to the CHESS project Facebook page, the partners' webpages and to the Erasmus+ portal.

During these last months, partners’ efforts have been focused on investigating, in each partner region, young people and employers’ perception of the skills and competences needed from an intrapreneurial perspective to work successful in the cultural and creative sector. To do so, they started engaging with young people (20-29 years old) and employers at local level who were asked to answer to surveys and face-to-face interviews. Questionnaires are available in seven EU languages: English, Bulgarian, Danish, French, Italian, Romanian and Slovenian. If you would like to share your views on these issues, we would be glad to hear your opinion! Please find our surveys here.

What is next?

In the next months, each partner will focus on summarizing answers gathered into a National Reports. These six reports will then flow into a Synthesis Report that will highlight the perception of the intrapreneurial skills as well as the emerging needs and attitudes with reference to the different target groups. On the base of these findings, the consortium will soon start elaborating tailored training materials.

The next project meeting will take place in Ancona, Italy in June 2020, hosted by AIC Forum.

CHESS consortium

Contact the project team

Anne Katrine Heje Larsen: annekatrine@disie.dk

Denislav Iliev: d.iliev@adele-ngo.org

Daniel Jianu: asocsimo@gmail.com

Laura Vivani: vivani@moverim.eu

Tomislav Rozman: tomislav.rozman@bicero.com

Alina Nistor: alina.nistor@marche.camcom.it

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