6-The Intrapreneurial Process


The 6th module covers the following topics:

  • Entre-intrapreneurial process

  • Introduction to project management

  • External funding sources for intrapreneurs (public and private)

  • GrowthHacking basic process

  • GrowthHacking techniques - content marketing and copywriting

  • GrowthHacking techniques - Referrals

  • GrowthHacking techniques - Web Advertising

Entre-intrapreneurial process

Sub-module 6.1.pdf

Introduction to project management

Sub-module 6.2.pdf


Sub-module 6.3.pdf

Introduction to Growth Hacking

Sub-module 6.4.pdf

Content marketing and copywriting

Sub-module 6.5.pdf


Sub-module 6.6.pdf

Web Advertising

Sub-module 6.7.pdf