Certificate - how to update your LI profile

Update your LinkedIn profile!

You've just completed Intrapreneurship online course and downloaded your certificate of completion. Now it's the time to show it off to the potential employers. Here are the instructions how to insert the certification on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and search for 'Licenses & certifications' section,

  2. click (+) 'Add licenses & certifications',

  3. Insert the following information below,

  4. Repeat for all (6) certificates you've received.

Name: <Insert the name of the course - check you certificate e.g.:> Intrapreneurship 1 (Fundamentals)

Issuing Organization: CHESS Project - Intrapreneurship Academy

This credential does not expire (check)

Issue Date: February 2021

Credential ID: <copy-paste from the certificate>

Credential URL: www.chessproject.eu